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                I. MMEU GOAL

The goal of MMEU club is to provide a vehicle where by Fast Electric Boat enthusiasts

can join and share in club activity in promotion of the FE hobby.

MMEU will operate under the North American Model Boat Association

(NAMBA) rules platform in accordance with any club or national event activity.

However MMEU reserves the right to create 'special club classes' to advance and

promote the FE hobby.


MMEU members should be enthusiastic about the FE hobby and willing to work with

fellow members to promote club or national event activity.

Aspiring MMEU members can be voted into the club at various club activities with a

majority vote of the membership or by MMEU Core Council quorum. All members are required

to have NAMBA membership. Single event insurance will be available on site for new racers

that want to try racing.

                Membership fees will be as follows

        1) MMEU Vested Membership cost will be 65.00 dollars. Vested membership

includes an MMEU club T-shirt, Hat, yearly race fees, and full voting rights. If

a vested club member can not be present for any club vote that member may

vote by proxy.

        2) MMEU Semi-Vested Membership Cost will be 20.00 dollars. A SemiVested

membership includes an MMEU Club T-shirt, and Hat. A $5.00 per race fee

will be collected at each race attended

        3) MMEU Young boater(under 18yo)Membership Cost will be 20.00 dollars

which includes an MMEU club T-shirt, Hat, yearly race fees.

All club fees will be due by March 1.

MMEU officers will be granted NAMBA membership (provided the club is in good

financial standing) in order to fulfill the Core duty.

                III. MMEU STRUCTURE

MMEU is a non-profit club whereby any funds generated by MMEU related activity will

be used for promotion of Fast Electric racing within the club or club related national event


MMEU Club racing activities will be held at various locations throughout the race season

as determined by the MMEU membership and MMEU CORE COUNCIL.

MMEU Club meetings will be held periodically when deemed necessary by the MMEU

CORE COUNCIL. The club shall reimburse meeting host members for related expenses


Leadership, Expenditures and Guidance of MMEU is the responsibility of the MMEU

CORE COUNCIL, while MMEU Vested membership has the responsibility of voting on all

necessary club related activity. The MMEU CORE COUNCIL shall consist of Four

dedicated individuals working as a team to fulfill all vital MMEU Club and Race

management responsibilities. The MMEU CORE COUNCIL will be elected by majority

of MMEU vested membership vote at the first meeting of the new year.

                MMEU CORE COUNCIL Responsibilities:

        o Represent the club in an official capacity at all MMEU club related meeting and


        o Preside over and demonstrate fair and impartial conduct at all MMEU club related

meeting and activity.

        o Discuss and help reach decisions based on the best interest of the MMEU club.

        o Openly state and or discuss any MMEU club related activity or business activity

        o Must be a key organizer,vested member and worker at all MMEU official club meetings and

majority of club related events.

        o Promote and fulfill MMEU club related obligations to NAMBA, MMEU Race

Sponsors and the FE community.

        o Finalize and document MMEU voted on subject club related subject matter at all

club related meeting and activit ies.

        o Finalize and document MMEU financial and/or club business related activity.

                IV. MMEU EXPENSES

All MMEU club expenses will be the responsibility of an appointed member of the


A financial report and disclosure of all known past, present and future business must be

made available to MMEU membership during official MMEU meetings or by request of



The MMEU CORE COUNCIL as stated are elected for one-year terms by

majority rule of minimum three or more MMEU vested members in good standing. Prospective

Council nominees have the right to accept or refuse nomination. If for some reason an

elected Council member cannot fulfill their term obligation the remaining MMEU Core

Council members can elect a replacement to fulfill the remainder of the defunct Council

members term.

The MMEU CORE COUNCIL fulfills the NAMBA suggested club governing

titles of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary and Purser. In the event of NAMBA

official titles must be formally used, the MMEU CORE COUNCIL must meet, assign

and accept the appropriate necessary NAMBA titles and respective responsibilities for

the period necessary.


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